Peach Bitcoin v0.4.0: New Offer Creation Flow & More

Peach Bitcoin is a KYC-free peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace. Available on Android and iOS.

Peach Bitcoin v0.4.0: New Offer Creation Flow & More
  • "Unpack our special gift for you: PEACH 0.4 IS HERE! Peachy Christmas!"
  • "Buy & Sell bitcoin peer-to-peer made easier, smoother, faster! Perfect timing for you to onboard friends & family during the holidays!"
  • "FREE trades for ALL on the 24th, 25th, 26th of December!"

What's new

  • New offer creation flow
  • Allow user to see which peers they traded with before
  • Change match card format from to scroll down instead of swipe
  • Edit PM after offer is published
  • Instant trade
  • Change currency in header
  • Chat bug fixes
  • Cannot restore account from any seed phrase fix
  • Purged transactions cause loading problems in peach wallet fix
  • Screen jumps when clicking on footer fix
  • Trade history CSV export improvements

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