Peach Bitcoin App v0.3.4: Updated Reputation System

Peach Bitcoin is a KYC-free peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace available on Android and iOS.

Peach Bitcoin App v0.3.4: Updated Reputation System
  • "Another version of Peach bitcoin app is available on iOS and Android."

What's new

  • "We updated how user reputation is calculated under the hood. Before, it was a convoluted system that goes back and forth in time. Our new calculations are now based on a simpler approach. You do well, NgU, you do bad, NgD. Read more about our reputation system here."
  • Hungarian language.
  • "It’s an easy one that we didn’t have… but you can now delete your custom payout address!"
  • "Rules to use PayPal have been relaxed, you now need to have trades 500CHF in the past 365 days and have more than 4.5 peaches."
  • "We have added L-USDT as payment method, but it’s a fiatshitcoin like Euro."

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