PayPerQ: ChatGPT4 Pay-per-Query Over Lightning Service

PayPerQ is a pay-per-query Chatbot that leverages OpenAI's API and Bitcoin to bring premium tier AI to more people around the world.

PayPerQ: ChatGPT4 Pay-per-Query Over Lightning Service
  • "Introducing PayPerQ, a sleek and functional ChatGPT4 experience which operates on a pay-per-query model via Bitcoin micropayments," announced Matt Ahlborg.

The primary use cases are:

  1. Making GPT4 available to users who may not want to pay for a full $20 ChatGPT Plus subscription,
  2. Making GPT4 available to global users who may find it difficult to connect a VISA/Mastercard to OpenAI.
"As an example, you could run 10-20 queries a day through and still only spend ~$10 per month, and without having the burden of linking a credit card!"
  • "Overall, I believe these two use cases could be really strong and that this bot could become the default GPT4 experience for many Bitcoin adjacent global developers and professionals around the world," said the developer.
  • "Please try it out and give feedback!"

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