Parmanode v3.2.0: Added LND, Mempool Space

Parmanode is an automated Bitcoin node installation wizard and menu for Linux, Mac and Raspberry Pi machines that comes with Electrum Server (Fulcrum), BTCPay Server, Docker, Tor and educational material by Parman.

Parmanode v3.2.0: Added LND, Mempool Space

v3.2.0: Mempool Space (Mac and Linux)

  • Added Mempool Space for Mac too.

v3.1.0: Mempool Space

  • Mempool Space added for Linux only at this stage.

v3.0.0: LND for Linux

  • Parmanode now has LND for Linux OS.
  • Menus now change dynamically depending on what has been installed.
  • Uninstall any version below 3 to use, but blockchain data need not be deleted.

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