Parmanode v2.3.4: BTCPay with Linux Desktop

Parmanode is an automated Bitcoin node installation wizard and menu for Linux, Mac and Raspberry Pi computers with Electrum Server (Fulcrum), BTCPay Server, Docker, Tor, and educational material by Parman.

Parmanode v2.3.4: BTCPay with Linux Desktop
  • "Parmanode is designed for non-technical users giving them the ability to download and verify Bitcoin related software, and sync using an external or internal drive, and also have configuration options presented to them with automation."
  • "The software also comes with helpful information, including links to various articles on my website,, so that Bitcoiners keep learning more about Bitcoin and how to be safely self-sovereign."

What's new

  • BTCPay on Linux
  • Tor
  • Docker
  • Slightly better menus
  • Bug fixes

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