OpenSats Opens Long-term Support Program for Nostr Developers

"As nostr is moving from experimental to substantial - and if our hunch is right, from substantial to essential, eventually - we think it's time to include nostr devs in the group that is load-bearing internet people," announced OpenSats in a blog post.

OpenSats Opens Long-term Support Program for Nostr Developers
  • "The idea is simple: we want you to work on the freedom tech you're passionate about, without having to stress out about how to pay for food or rent every month. You did great work in the past, so we expect you to do great work in the future. You are free to work on any project, library, or protocol as you see fit, as long as it is bitcoin-only, free and open-source, and aligns with our mission."
"If you're working on free and open-source nostr infrastructure and/or the protocol itself, and/or are working on something that is struck by the tragedy of the commons, don't hesitate to apply for an LTS Grant."
  • "All of our nostr grants, including our long-term support grants for nostr developers, are sourced from The Nostr Fund and made possible by generous donors like you."

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