OpenSats Announces Third Wave of Bitcoin Grants

"We are proud to announce 10 new grants to impactful projects in the Bitcoin space. In no particular order, here they are."

OpenSats Announces Third Wave of Bitcoin Grants
  • Clams. "Clams is an interface for CLN nodes that establishes a secure and encrypted connection directly through the Lightning Network. Clams is privacy-focused, does no logging, has no trackers, and all data stays on the user's device."
  • Fully Noded. "Fully Noded is the first app for iOS and macOS that allows users to connect to their node via RPC over Tor for a truly self-sovereign Bitcoin experience. It utilizes PSBTs and descriptors to expose all of the excellent wallet functionality that Bitcoin Core offers."
  • Validating Lightning Signer. "Validating Lightning Signer (VLS) brings to Bitcoin Lightning what signing devices brought to Bitcoin: improved security via a reduced attack surface. In the future, VLS plans to implement multisig support, further improving security for Lightning Network users."
  • Fedimint Lightning Gateway. "The Lightning support opens up Fedimint to the rest of the Bitcoin ecosystem. A client of Fedimint can pay to and receive from anything that "speaks" lightning."
  • Pickhardt Payments plugin for Core-Lightning. "Pickhardt Payments is a novel payment routing strategy for the Lightning Network, originally developed in 2021 by Rene Pickhardt and Stefan Richter. The method is based on a Bayesian description of the liquidity state of channels, with the precise allocation of liquidity unknown by the nodes of the network."
  • BitBanana. "BitBanana aims to provide the best User Experience for remote Lightning Node Management on Android. Additionally to managing the node, BitBanana allows its users to access the wallet functionality of their node in everyday situations."
  • Crack the Orange. "Crack the Orange is an educational effort that is building a cohort of Bitcoin educators. The current goal is to train a total of 100 educators, community builders, and human rights activists per year."
  • Bitcoin Core App. "The Bitcoin Core App is a modern and cross-platform UI designed by the Bitcoin Design community. It features new backend models that unravel the technical locks that the current Core GUI is plagued with, all without disturbing the need to further modularize the different components of Bitcoin Core."
  • Krux. "Krux is a free and open-source firmware that enables anyone to build their own Bitcoin signing device via off-the-shelf parts. It runs on Kendryte K210 Risk-V-based devices such as the M5StickV and Maix Amigo, converting them into air-gapped devices that can sign transactions for single and multisig wallets."
  • Vexl. "Vexl is a free and open-source mobile app giving its users a simple, accessible, and safe way to trade bitcoin as it was intended: peer-to-peer and without KYC. Vexl is a non-profit, takes no fees from the trades that are happening on the platform, and doesn't store any user data."

"Thank you for your continual and generous support. As we don't take a cut from donations to open-source projects, we couldn't be doing what we are doing without your help. If you want to help us cover our operational expenses, please consider donating to our operations budget."

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