OpenSats Announces 5th Wave of Bitcoin Grants

OpenSats, a non-profit organization that supports the development of free and open-source software and projects, has announced its 5th wave of Bitcoin grants for 10 more Bitcoin projects.

OpenSats Announces 5th Wave of Bitcoin Grants
  • "As we enter the 5th Bitcoin epoch, OpenSats is proud to announce our 5th wave of Bitcoin grants," announced the organization.
"For more details on the types of projects and people we support, we encourage you to have a look at our grants and reports. If you are a developer working on a project that is aligned with our mission, don't hesitate to apply for funding."


  • Core Lightning Bookkeeper Dashboard. The Core Lightning Bookkeeper Dashboard provides a Graphical User Interface to the Core Lightning (CLN) back-end.
  • Cove. Cove is a new single-sig mobile wallet optimized for use with hardware signing devices. Cove leverages BDK with the core of the app built in Rust and an interface built with SwiftUI (for iOS) and Jetpack Compose (for Android).
  • Fedimint On-Chain Gateway & RBF. This grant supports work to improve the efficiency of exiting from mints via on-chain gateways.
  • Krux. Krux is open-source firmware that enables anyone to build their own Bitcoin signing device via off-the-shelf parts.
  • Krux Installer. krux-installer is the desktop application that allows anyone to install the Krux firmware in a safe, easy, and transparent way.
  • Lightning Network Protocol Test Framework. The Lightning Network protocol test framework provides a common and reusable framework for easier testing of proposed protocol changes.
  • Macadamia. Macadamia is a native iOS wallet written in Swift and SwiftUI for the Cashu Chaumian eCash protocol.
  • Tor Support for BDK & Fedimint. "This grant effort will focus on delivering Tor support for Fedimint clients and adding new gateways and PayJoin support. For BDK, this grant effort is focused on Tor support for the rust-esplora-client, upgrading rust-bitcoin, and building support for pruned nodes."
  • Utreexo. Utreexo utilizes Merkle trees to provide an alternate structure for access to Bitcoin data, enabling compact state nodes, parallelization of the Initial Block Download (IBD), and thereby wider distribution of functional Bitcoin nodes.
  • Validating Lightning Signer. Validating Lightning Signer (VLS) is an open-source project with the explicit goal to improve the security of the Lightning Network, by separating "hot" bitcoin keys from operational Lightning nodes.

Donations to OpenSats are 100% passed through to freedom tech developers, and are tax deductible for all donors. Consider making a donation here.

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