Onyx: A Censorship-Free Fork of Amethyst

Onyx is a censorship-free nostr client that is a fork of Amethyst.

Onyx: A Censorship-Free Fork of Amethyst
Image courtesy: iefan@snort.social
  • Onyx: Version 0.55.2-2: "Now as a rebrand and no longer requires uninstalling Amethyst first."
  • Onyx provides the same features and interface as Amethyst, but doesn't have any of the spam filters or reporting shadowbans, with a goal to remain censorship-free.
  • Also it doesn't have push notifications yet, said Tony Giorgio.
  • "There is no need to delete Amethyst; you can install and use both apps side by side. Understand the difference and make informed decisions," wrote iefan.

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