Oak Node v0.3.7: Nostr Wallet Connect Support

Oak Node is an LND node tool that lets its users to send scheduled Lightning payments, interact with your node over Nostr DMs or PGP-secured emails, mine Nostr vanity keys, and more.

Oak Node v0.3.7: Nostr Wallet Connect Support

Oak is a tool that let's you do more with your LND node, including:

  • "Scheduled LN Payments (demo). Stream sats from your own node. Setup a schedule to support your favorite content creators. All they need is a Lightning Address, and they keep 100% of what you send them."
  • "Email Bot (demo). Use your phone to check your LN balance, create or pay an LN invoice with simple chat commands. Messages are send and received as PGP-secured emails. Works with any Autocrypt-compatible app, like DeltaChat."
  • "Nostr Bot. Same as the Email Bot, but with instant response times. Messages are exchanged as Nostr DMs, which are by default end-to-end encrypted. Works with any Nostr chat client, whether for browser, desktop, mobile, or CLI."
    - "With the Shadowy LN Tips module, your bot can automatically send LN tips each time your paired Nostr account likes a note."
  • "PowPub Client (demo). Buy the mining of Nostr vanity keys from any number of mining providers. The resulting secret key is known only to you due to the split-key approach to mining."

Available as Podman or Docker containers, on Umbrel app store, and myNode (experimental).

What's new in v0.3.7


  • Nostr: Support for NIP-47 Nostr Wallet Connect.
  • PowPub: Support npub and PoW vanity keys.

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