noStrudel v0.38.3: OAuth Flow, Offline Mode & More

noStrudel is a web app for exploring the nostr protocol.

noStrudel v0.38.3: OAuth Flow, Offline Mode & More
  • "noStrudel v0.38.0 Is finally released. I've added and changed a ton of stuff and honestly should have released this as multiple smaller versions but I kept getting distracted," said @hzrd149.
"If you want to play around with all the new features you can find the client at or you can run it locally using docker "docker run --rm -p 8080:80"

What's new

  • Support for nsecbunker and the new OAuth flow;
  • Added simple "Launchpad" view (most stuff will be added in the future);
  • Restore scroll position when returning to the timeline;
  • Show unavailable events in threads;
  • Organized all the "other stuff" in a tools page;
  • Added support to cache events in local relays instead of the browsers cache.

Full changelog with all changes can be found here.

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