NostrMesh: Self-Healing ESP32 Nostr-Arduino Based Mesh-Network

"The simplicity of the nostr-protocol, makes it ideal for use with mesh-networking."

NostrMesh: Self-Healing ESP32 Nostr-Arduino Based Mesh-Network
  • "Started nostrmesh: up to 20 MBit/s, microcontroller, nostr powered, self-healing mesh network. Been thinking/getting excited about this project for a while! (made possible by @blackcoffeebtc excellent nostr-arduino library)," developer Ben Arc wrote on Twitter.
  • "While utilizing WiFi for node connections imposes a range limitation of less than 200 meters, it significantly boosts bandwidth, thereby enabling the sharing of internet access across the mesh network."
  • "ESP32 microcontrollers are both highly affordable and widely accessible. With a mere $1 cost for the basic controller, nodes can be effortlessly integrated into passive electronics such as light bulbs, facilitating the creation of a robust mesh network."
  • Each nostrmesh node has the ability to:

    - Establish a WiFi station
    - Set up a websocket server
    - Connect to a websocket
    - Run a stateless nostr relay for sending and receiving events using Nostr-Arduino
    - Run a nostr client using Nostr-Arduino
  • Code to follow soon!

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