Extension for Nostr Live Chats

The extension enables users have a on any website. Extension for Nostr Live Chats
  • "The extension uses by @PABLOF7z to create the live chat and to reference the pages it takes the url without the http(s):// prefix and queries and adds it to an 'r' tag (nip12). "
  • "This way you can create conversations about any page or topic, even on Twitter or in a YouTube live!"
  • "I created a worker to serve you the script that loads nostrichat on demand, so now you can even use it without installing the Chromium extension, more details below. The extension also opens a new chat window every time you use it and show you the link and qr to share the room."
  • As there is a worker that provides the service, you can use it without having the extension installed. The root is and you can use different hooks with it:

- ref: puts an 'r' tag inside the notes.
For example:
- tag: puts a 't' tag inside the note.
For example:
- relays: set the list of relays you connect to, if left empty it defaults to the list suggested by
For example:,wss://
- dm: Set the chat to dm type and take a public key in HEX format as value.
For example:
- hide-anon: hides the Ephemeral Keys button
For example:
- Of course you can combine these hooks, e.g: Post / Archive
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