Nostrica 2023 Day 3 - Links and Updates

Nostrica 2023 is a 3 day event that brings together Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr pioneers in Costa Rica.

Nostrica 2023 Day 3 - Links and Updates

Today is day 3 of Nostrica 2023 (un)conference. The event can be followed live via its website or one of the stream links below.

Notes & Updates

  • roadmap: all new website, better integration with clients (Damus, Amethyst), improved video viewer, user accounts with creator pages.
  • Bitcoin Jungle project - an open source Bitcoin community in Costa Rica.
  • and lists of active Nostr bounties.
  • - Nostr client and relay with heavy caching and analytics.
  • Nostore - Nostr key storage app for managing multiple accounts across multiple clients, permissions and more.
  • - a Nostr client oriented towards proving safety features for its users.
  • - a simple namesystem proposal for Nostr.
  • NIP-26: a much-discussed delegated event signing proposal.
  • NIP-47: describes a way for users to control a remote Lightning node or a custodial Lightning wallet.

Other links

Nostrica Website