Nostrica 2023 Day 1: Updates and Announcements

Nostrica 2023 is a 3 day event that brings together Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr pioneers in Costa Rica.

Nostrica 2023 Day 1: Updates and Announcements

Nostrica 2023 starts today. The event can be followed live on its official website.

Updates & Announcements

  • Damus: Zap-based polls may be coming soon, exploring commerce functionality and how to fight spam with zaps.
  • LNBits Diagon Alley Nostr Market extension - resilient marketplaces on Nostr.
  • LNBits Nostr Relay extension - one click and spin up your own Nostr relay.
  • LNBits Nostr Client extension - an always-on extension that can open multiple connections to Nostr relays and act as a multiplexer for other clients.
  • Arc Nostr - a client that leverages NIP-28 (public chat) to bring  a group chat experience (like Telegram) to Nostr. Arc is one of the 8 companies accepted into the first cohort of Wolf's Lightning accelerator.
  • Current Nostr client (Android and iOS) announced Plebhy, a Giphy-like media library where users can send sats to creators on any client.
  • Neustr: Nostr Desktop Client
  • Upcoming Akawin Deck browser based client with multiple side-by-side feeds.
  • Plebstr Android and iOS Nostr client - web client coming soon.
  • Bija - a Nostr client written in Python with backend that runs on a local flask server, and front end in browser.

Other links

Nostrica Website