Nostrica 2023 Day 2 - Key Updates and Links

Nostrica 2023 is a 3 day event that brings together Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr pioneers in Costa Rica.

Nostrica 2023 Day 2 - Key Updates and Links

Today is day 2 of Nostrica 2023 (un)conference. The event can be followed live via its website or one of the stream links below.

Announcements and Updates

  • Mi Primer Bitcoin / My First Bitcoin - 10 weeks long Bitcoin education course. Course book is updated frequently. Graduates get a diploma. Now available in multiple languages (English, Spanish). Looking for 25x student growth year-over-year.
  • A guy from the audience who presented himself as “Tico, part of Tico Bitcoiners” group announced Bitcoin Association, an educational group dedicated to teaching and popularizing Bitcoin in Costa Rica.
  • Upcoming services for users: NostrPlebs paid relay, media uploader , Nostr “Twitter spaces” alternative, public chats.
  • GoodStr - a simple goods marketplace on Nostr.
  • NosTropical Hackathon - March 22-23, Awake Uvita, Costa Rica.

Other links

Nostrica Website