Nostr Nests v2.0-beta: Seamless Nostr Integration & Redesigned Interface

Nostr Nests is an audio space for chatting, brainstorming, debating, jamming, micro-conferences and more. It's like Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse for Nostr.

Nostr Nests v2.0-beta: Seamless Nostr Integration & Redesigned Interface
  • "Nostr Nests 2.0 launches in beta with a brand custom built application that's fully integrated with Nostr, a redesigned user interface, and a host of powerful new and sought after features enabling communities, creators, and individuals to be more social than ever before," announced Derek Ross.
  • NOTE: "While Nostr Nests 2.0 marks a significant step forward, this release should be considered beta software. Users may encounter occasional bugs or unforeseen issues as we continue to refine and optimize the platform. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work towards a fully polished experience."

What's new

  • Seamless Nostr Integration. "Nostr Nests 2.0 was built from the ground up to be a full fledged Nostr client, enabling a truly decentralized experience with direct Nostr authentication."
    • "No need for separate accounts, logins, or verification posts. Login with your current Nostr keys via nsecBunker or NIP-07 extensions such as Alby, Nostr Connect, or Nostore for iOS."
  • Discoverability and User Choice. "Find your favorite live audio events like never before, not only on, but also via a variety of Nostr clients that support live events such as Amethyst, Snort, Iris, Flockstr, Nostrudel, Wherostr and more. Install Nostr Nests as a PWA on Android, iOS, or your favorite desktop operating system."
  • Redesigned Interface. "Navigate with ease thanks to a streamlined and intuitive layout. Find scheduled events, discover communities, and manage your interactions effortlessly."
  • Enhanced Functionality. "Host events with flexible permission settings, record and store audio directly from your Nest, be in charge of your data while you chat on your customized relays, leverage advanced moderation tools for a smooth and secure experience, and broadcast it all across the Nostr protocol. Experience value for value with Zap enabled profiles and chat announcements."
  • Multi-lingual. "Access Nostr Nests in your native language. Nostr Nests supports over a dozen languages, making Nostr Nests a truly global platform for our users."
  • Open Source. "The platform's code is fully open-source under the MIT license, welcoming community contributions and fostering transparency. Submit issues and pull requests on GitHub to shape the future of Nostr Nests."

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