Nostr.Kiwi: Communities on Nostr is a platform to share and curate contents in communities. Available as a progressive web app (PWA).

Nostr.Kiwi: Communities on Nostr

What's new

  • Full PWA experience (add to home screen, thats it!).
  • NIP-172 moderated communities (user decide to show all notes at settings).
  • Two tap #zap.
  • NIP-46 login with nsecbunker.
  • NIP-07 login with extensions.
  • new API integration.
  • Follow communities and topics.
  • Explore the app to find out more, you can just visit the home page to experience it, recommended to test on mobile and “add to Home Screen”

Nostr clients like and Zappdit have recently integrated Nostr communities, too.