Nostr App Manager: Discover Nostr Apps

Nostr App Manager is a way to discover Nostr apps and switch between them.

Nostr App Manager: Discover Nostr Apps
  • "With this app manager, you can paste a note id/npub or a link, and get a list of apps that support this event kind. The app can remember your app selection on the current device, and will redirect you straight to your app of choice next time."
  • "It is already integrated into Nostr.Band - an 'open' button will send you to the saved app, and an 'open with' button will show you the list of apps."
  • "You can manage your app settings, and soon will be able to publish your app list on Nostr to recommend apps to your followers. And then we'll get app discovery and web-of-trust checks on Nostr, and then we might slowly get rid of centralized app stores..."
  • "The app manager is open source, your feedback is welcome!"

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