Seach Nostr with Data Vending Machines is a demo application that uses a Kind 5302 event to ask DVMs to search for content on Nostr or perform other tasks leveraging the Nostr Protocol. Seach Nostr with Data Vending Machines
  • You can add from:npub.... to your search to filter content for a specific user.
"When you're logged in (via getalby or nos2x extension) you can add from:me to search content from yourself. Noogle will use your following list to suggest npubs in the advanced tab."
  • This page then combines all the results from available search DVMs.
  • "It's kind of the first "UI" as part of my DVM framework. I try to keep it simple so other people can build on that for all kind of other dvm stuff," said Don't ₿elieve the Hype.

What's new

  • Added additional Search DVM using the API. Now it's aggregating results from both and;
  • Share created images directly to #Nostr with a note (when signed in). This makes noogle kind of a fully functional nostr client (without a timeline feed).
  • Beta feature: will now also search for profiles with a newly proposed kind 5303 DVM.

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