Nodeyez v23.04: New Config Tool

Nodeyez is a project that contains a variety of python scripts to produce panels and images based on your Bitcoin Node.

Nodeyez v23.04: New Config Tool

New Panels and Enhancements

  • Renamed arthashdungeon to blockhashdungeon
  • Renamed channelbalance to lndchannelbalance
  • Renamed channelfees to lndchannelfees
  • Improved support for pruned bitcoin nodes
  • Miner Braiins, Miner MicroBT, LND Channel Balance, LND Channel Fees and Ring of Fire now support nested configs that are selectively not enabled
  • New nodeyez-config tool!
  • LNDHub config now has improved structuring for account aliases


  • Linking tagged commits back to Github as a public mirror
  • Add guidance for Developers, including setting up Regtest
  • Add dependencies Pysocks, JQ, and whiptail-dialogs
  • Set temp folder for image magick
  • Establish EnvironmentFile for services
  • Normalized NGINX Configurations
  • Add install/uninstall scripts for Raspibolt, Raspiblitz, MyNodeBTC
  • Synched service names to panel scripts
  • Revamped sample-config files with data types, choices, defaults


  • Fix System Info drive icons if only one drive
  • Fix Blockstats handling of 0 fee and negative block numbers
  • Fix Ring of Fire error when LND attempt to connect to nodes
  • Fix sample config files with missing commas and quotes
  • Fix mempoolblocks service script to be able to start without bitcoin

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