NDK v2.7: Massive Performance Improvements

NDK is a nostr development kit that makes the experience of building Nostr-related applications, whether they are relays, clients, or anything in between, better, more reliable and overall nicer to work with than existing solutions.

NDK v2.7: Massive Performance Improvements
  • "NDK version 2.7 has been released. One step closer to the asymptote."
  • Along with NDK 2.7:
    • ndk-cache-dexie 2.3 is now live.
    • ndk-svelte-components 2.2.11 is now live.

What's new

  • A queueing system is now in place to fetch NIP-05 and ZAP endpoint information. Most applications should feel much faster.
  • Caching of NIP-05/Zap endpoints is now in place too.
  • Threading utility functions to make displaying threads PROPERLY ((properly defined as how Gigi likes it).

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