NDK v2.5.0: Nostr Wallet Connect

NDK is a nostr development kit that aims to make the experience of building Nostr-related applications, whether they are relays, clients, or anything in between, better, more reliable and overall nicer to work with than existing solutions.

NDK v2.5.0: Nostr Wallet Connect
  • "Announcing NDK 2.5: Nostr Wallet Connect. No easier way to nwc-enable your NDK-based nostr client," announced @PABLOF7z.
  • "Just use `ndk.nwc("nostr-wallet-connect-string-here")` and experience the magic of NWC payments."
"Coming up next, adding Nostr-Wallet-Auth, for the most seamless experience to get your users to connect to their wallet. For now, only Mutiny Wallet (who else?!) supports this nice/optimized flow but hopefully more will soon."
  • "I actually made this release ~1 week ago but I forgot to announce it," added the developer.

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