Nayuta Wallet v.0.1.7: Support For No Amount Invoices

Nayuta Wallet is a Lightning wallet for Android that enables easy Lightning channel management using a Lightning Service Prodiver (LSP).

Nayuta Wallet v.0.1.7: Support For No Amount Invoices

What's new

  • Support for payment invoices that do not show the amount. "Until now, Nayuta Wallet has not been able to payment to Lightning Network invoices that do not include the remittance amount. With this update, remittances to such invoices are now possible."
  • Removal of the payment routing request confirmation.
    "When you try to send money, your app (node) may not be able to find the payment route and it may fail. In this case, Nayuta Wallet could have the server search for it and create a route and try to pay again, but it needed the confirmation each time, and this cause confusion for the user. With this update, the process is now automatic, making it easier to send money via the Lightning Network."
  • Bug fixes. "Bugs reported by users have been fixed. Thanks for the reports."

Full release notes can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: "Nayuta Wallet is still in beta so we urge you to only use amounts that you would be willing to lose as loss of funds is still possible."

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