MyCitadel Desktop v1.3.0: More Advanced Miniscripts

MyCitadel Desktop is a Bitcoin, Lightning and RGB wallet for Linux, Windows and MacOS made with GTK+.

MyCitadel Desktop v1.3.0: More Advanced Miniscripts
  • "MyCitadel 1.3 ships with support for more advanced miniscripts with account-based time-locked multi-sigs and multiple user interface improvements."

Core functionality

"Account-based multi-sigs with time-locks and complex miniscript descriptors. This adds ability to compose complex time-locked conditions involving same signers in different time-locks (for instance having 2-of-4 multi-sig which in 1 year becomes 1-of-2)."

UI for account-based timelocks

UI improvements

  • Double-click on addresses copies address to clipboard
  • Double-click on history entry copies transaction id to clipboard
  • Double-click on coin entry copies outpoint information to clipboard
  • Added displaying of unused addresses, visually distinguished from used
  • Notification on the main screen to subscribe app updates

New distributive packages

  • Debian package
  • Flatpak package
  • Windows installer
  • Freedesktop environment integration

Full Changelog: v1.2.1...v1.3.0

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