Mutiny Wallet v0.6.2: Federated Lightning Addresses for Mutiny+ Users

"Providing Lightning Addresses to a non-custodial wallet can be challenging, as they require a web server and constant online presence. To solve this issue, we've integrated Federated Lightning Addresses!"

Mutiny Wallet v0.6.2: Federated Lightning Addresses for Mutiny+ Users
  • "Excited to announce the preview of Lightning Addresses for Mutiny+ users! No more invoice requests needed when paying friends by name directly on Mutiny Wallet," announced Mutiny Wallet.
"Inspired by Kody Low's Hermes project, our new feature uses ecash locked to your pubkey so only you can spend it when back online. Your wallet listens for DMs on nostr and unlocks tokens once received."
  • "We've also added blinded authentication tokens to our Hermes server to separate your wallet identity from the name of the Lightning Address you registered. We keep your Lightning Address as private as possible while providing this service. We'll write another article on the technical details of how this works."
"Fedimint is required for this feature to work, so you must add one before adding a Lightning Address. For this first MVP, there's also a requirement that you do not change the federation you had when you added the Lightning Address. We will support this in a later release."
  • "If you change it, you'll stop receiving funds from your Lightning Address, and you'll have to change it back to the original federation."
  • "Thank you for your support in making this feature possible. We'll integrate it into the sign-up flow at a later time, open up randomly generated Lightning Addresses for everyone, and add more flexibility to change federations."
  • "We will open up this service more after getting enough feedback from our early supporters."

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