Mutiny Wallet v0.4.14: Web and Android Feature Parity

Mutiny is an open-source, non-custodial bitcoin and lightning web and Android wallet.

Mutiny Wallet v0.4.14: Web and Android Feature Parity
  • "We've made some improvements to load times and fixed an issue causing missing lightning gossip data that could have caused a lot of "no routes found" errors."
"We also have the android app caught up to feature parity with the web wallet. Log downloads, state downloads & uploads, plus back button navigation."
  • "Our android app is here, but now that it has caught up to development, we'll get it up on fdroid sometime soon."
  • "Lastly, we're going to continue working on path finding improvements to make the wallet more reliable. We've worked behind the scenes on our prober to handle multi path payments better, and analyzing the results to provide to our Voltage LSP."
  • "We'll also be working on a custom path finding algorithm to prioritize hubs, in addition to integrating additional LSPs like Zeus/Olympus and C=, which those teams have already started helping with."
"Let us know if payments are any better at all, but we expect some popular destinations to still be problematic. We're sorry about this but we are actively working on it. A lot of what we are doing is still very experimental."

Mutiny Node v0.4.14

  • "Changes to always do a full sync of gossip data, this might help with routing issues. Also has some other minor fixes around handling storage better."

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.4.13...v0.4.14

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