Mutiny Node v0.3.16: NWC Profiles, BDK Core Alpha1 & More

Mutiny is a self-custodial lightning wallet that is targeting the web browser first.

Mutiny Node v0.3.16: NWC Profiles, BDK Core Alpha1 & More

Here are some of the latest Mutiny Node updates:

v0.3.16 - Hotfix

  • "Fix new nodes not starting up."

v0.3.15 - NWC Profiles & LNURL JWT Auth Client

  • "Nostr wallet connect profiles, approves and denies for payment requests, introduces an LNURL & JWT based auth http client."

v0.3.14 - BDK Core Alpha1 & SCB

  • "Upgrades BDK to the alpha1 release. Should significantly help out chain state errors. Still a bug that requires a resync on first load but otherwise should remove a lot of chain errors relating to force closures."
  • "Also adds some methods for making static channel backups or restoring on chain state from a seed phrase."

v0.3.13 - Channel Fee Update Fixes

  • "Minor fix that sets the floor for the minimize transaction feerate when negotiating channel on chain fees with a peer. This should result in less channel closures that comes from the two peers not being able to negitiate the next channel fee."

v0.3.12 - Fee Rate Fixes and Emergency Mode

  • "The fallback fee rate has been adjusted in case fee rate is not being retrieved. More logs around fee rate issues. Opening a channel with all of your balance should no longer use 1 sat per byte."
  • "Added an option to launch mutiny-node without connecting to peers, to fix "Fallen Behind" errors when connecting to a peer with an outdated state."
  • Moved some functions to not rely on the node manager, such as exporting state and logs."
  • "Local storage is now cleared when importing a new wallet."

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