Mutiny Node v0.3.0: Address Labeling, Contacts & Logging

Mutiny Node powers the frontend of the Mutiny web wallet.

Mutiny Node v0.3.0: Address Labeling, Contacts & Logging

Version 0.3.0 of Mutiny Node includes lots of bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

  • Contacts and labeling. "Huge feature by @benthecarman for labeling UTXOs, addresses, LN invoices, and payments. Works with the concept of a "payment reason" or "contact" in general. These concepts are merged together to more tightly associate payments with people and will be the base of more social features to come. Also reinforces tracking UTXOs used for particular reasons."
  • Cleaned Up Logs. "Logs have been cleaned up considerably and are now be saved to indexeddb by default. Not only does this persist the logs but they may be pulled and shown to the user. Only the most recent 1k lines of logs are saved and writing to disk happens once every 5s while it is running."
  • Graceful shutdown support. "This allows for kindly stopping all of the nodes and node components to give them a chance to save to disk, disconnect from peers, stop background processes, closing the DB connection, etc. Can be started up as well. Useful before exporting the storage and/or importing to a new browser or instance."
  • "Preparation for a future Redshift feature for swapping UTXOs."
  • "Documentation updates for the rust and npm libraries."
  • "Breaking Changes: Instead of accessing NodeManager directly, there's a new wrapper over it called MutinyWallet that should be the main entrypoint for developers. This allows us to do more things than just holding and managing nodes."
  • "Some key/value database changes were made so existing instances will not work with the new one."

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.2.8...v0.3.0

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