COLDCARD Mk4 v5.1.2: SIGHASH Other Than ALL

COLDCARD Mk4 is a Bitcoin-only signing device produced by Coinkite.

COLDCARD Mk4 v5.1.2: SIGHASH Other Than ALL

New Feature: SIGHASH Other Than ALL

  • Now supports all SIGHASH types (previously only SIGHASH_ALL was supported).
  • This can enable specialized Bitcoin transactions involving multiple signers and even limited changes to the transaction after signing.
  • To enable the more dangerous SIGHASH modes, you must change Advanced -> Danger Zone -> Sighash Checks. Warnings are shown for all of the new SIGHASH modes regardless of this setting.


  • SeedXOR now supports 12 and 18 word mnemonics.
  • Signing memory, speed optimizations.
  • Docker repro build container improvements (non-privileged container)

Bug Fixes

  • After extended private key and TAPSIGNER backup import into blank wallet, users needed to manually reboot Coldcard. Main menu now shown correctly.
  • Old code would set SIGHASH type on foreign PSBT inputs.
  • “Validating…” screen would be shown twice in some cases. Improves performance.

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