Michael Saylor's Rationale Behind MicroStrategy Lightning Email Addresses

MicroStrategy has integrated all company emails with Bitcoin Lightning addresses.

Michael Saylor's Rationale Behind MicroStrategy Lightning Email Addresses
  • "People said, well, you know, the problem is these things [Lightning addresses] look like email addresses - what if you accidentally send bitcoin to an email address or something?"
  • "I looked at it and I though: wait a minute, we're creating enterprise software, and we're plugged into the active directory - why don't we just convert every single corporate email address into a Lightning address so that your email is your Lightning address?"
  • "I challenged my team to do it and one of the things we're doing in this conference [MicroStrategy World 2023] is we're showing "MicroStrategy Lightning," and one of the things we've done is we converted all the MicroStrategy email addresses [recording error] ...it's just really a neat idea."
  • "I'm not telling you to do it but what I am saying is, you kow, you can send me zaps, you can send me satoshis to my corporate email address right now, and they just get received."  
  • "It's an example of how I'm taking the Microsoft active directory with a validated or verified email and I'm crossing it into the Lightning domain."
  • "What if a billion email addresses that are validated in active directory become a billion Lightning addresses, and then what if I can use that or some private key associated with that to cross a third domain like an Apple domain?"
  • "I think that we're going to see an age of a very rapid innovation where people can start to establish their own identity and carry their identity across networks and own their identity and blur the distinction between messaging and data, data validation and then money - that's what's interesting to me."

The conversation took place on Café Bitcoin Twitter Spaces on April 17, 2023. You can listen to its full recording here (Saylor joins the space at 1:11:25).

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