Mi Primer Bitcoin Crowdfunds 1 BTC On Geyser For 2023 Expansion

"Our 10-week Bitcoin Diploma program was the first in the world to be used in a public school system and is now being used in multiple continents around the world."

Mi Primer Bitcoin Crowdfunds 1 BTC On Geyser For 2023 Expansion
  • "In 2022, we reached 11,064 students with our Bitcoin Introduction and Bitcoin Diploma Programs in El Salvador."
  • "In March 2023 alone, we achieved the following:

    - Reached 6,017 students with these programs.
    - Launched a decentralized education network with schools (nodes) around the world, including in South Africa, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Portugal, and the United States.
    - Trained several new teachers, some of whom were former students, and all of whom are paid in Bitcoin.
    - Added one new long-term sponsor."
  • "Our growth has been rapid and we have big plans for the rest of 2023, including:

    - Translating the MPB Diploma into 5+ different languages.
    - Expanding our decentralized education network into 20 new countries.
    - We're having our largest graduation in May in El Salvador with 415 Bitcoin Diploma Graduates."
  • "All this growth comes at a cost, though. Our old budget projections no longer apply, and we need your help to continue this incredible growth.
  • "Our campaign goal is to raise 2 BTC going toward expansion plans for April and May. An anonymous donor has offered to pay for air travel for one random donor if we can get to 1 BTC in donations on Geyser Fund."
  • The campaign, launched on April 12, has already crowdfunded more than 1 BTC in April.

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