Mercury Wallet v0.8.12 Released

Mercury wallet is a cross-platform GUI for Mercury written in node.js using Electron.

Mercury Wallet v0.8.12 Released
  • "Mercury Wallet is based on the concept of statechains, that enables private keys for BTC deposits (UTXOs) to be transfered securely between owners without requiring an on-chain transaction."
  • "This enables users to transfer full custody of an amount of BTC to anyone almost instantly, with increased privacy, and without having to pay miner fees."

What's new in v0.8.12

  • Fix repeat seed generation
  • Network connection info

Full changelog: v0.8.10...v0.8.12

Upcoming: Blinded Two-Party ECDSA

Mercury wallet developers also recently took to Twitter to announce a recent pull request concerning blinded signatures implementation, which is still a work in progress.

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