Mempool.Space Introduced Mempool Clock, Calculator is adding new tools for easier and more convenient use of Bitcoin.

Mempool.Space Introduced Mempool Clock, Calculator
  • Earlier in the week, shared a link to its new Mempool Clock tool, which provides an eye-pleasing real-time visualization of Bitcoin blocks.
  • "What's not intuitive is that the blue arrows is the actual time and the holes are when blocks were found," explained Mempool's @softsimon.
  • Recently, @softsimon also shared his "simple fiat/BTC/Sats calculator."
  • "Some issues with existing ones include that your data is sent to a backend instead of being converted locally, the inability to easily copy and paste, and the readability issue that arises from not being able to see the exact amount due to the non-display of all eight decimal points," he said.

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