Magic Webstore (ex-Superstore): Ecommerce Simplified

Magic Webstore is a simple bitcoin webstore with whisper addresses for enhanced privacy.

Magic Webstore (ex-Superstore): Ecommerce Simplified
  • "Magic Webstore is proudly built on bitcoin, the money of the internet, and nostr, a distributed data caching protocol."
  • "With Magic Webstore, your entire store is contained in your magic string, like a genie in a lamp. You just need to save that one string (back it up and store it safely) and you can do everything you need: add products to your store, manage your inventory, track your income, and keep you money safe."
  • "Magic Webstore is completely free and open source and you can dive into its source code by clicking here."
  • Click here to visit the store.

In the discussion, project's developer Super Testnet provided more details about the structure of wallets used by the project at current stage:

  • "Base layer payments are self-custody. You alone have the private key. It uses my whisper addresses protocol to automatically derive infinite bitcoin keys from a single nostr private key, that way every time you receive a payment, it shows up in a different bitcoin address, but you can still recover it all."
  • "Lightning payments are custodial by default. It automatically sets you up with a custodial lnbits account when you first load the page, which lowers the barrier to entry for people to get started. Also, I don't run the lnbits instance (Ben Arc's company does), so I am not responsible for having custody of anyone's funds."
"I plan to make it easy to point it at your own node, but I need to write some software for that. Still, there is a way to do it right now if you're okay with a but of coding in the browser," Super Testnet wrote.

New features

  • Lightning support
  • Custom relay support
  • Revised login flow with magic strings
  • New name (it used to be called Superstore)
  • New url

In the words of user @Coinosphere:

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