Machankura Clans Feature Lets Africans Send & Receive Bitcoin as a Group

Machankura allows Africans to send and receive Bitcoin without internet access. It combines USSD technology with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Available in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia.

Machankura Clans Feature Lets Africans Send & Receive Bitcoin as a Group
  • "Clans give you the ability to send and receive Bitcoin as a group on Machankura."
  • "Sending Bitcoin requires approval from the members/admins. With the added option to equally distribute the balance to all members (Hello to the stokvels and chamas)."
  • "To create a clan input a unique username and your selection of an action policy."
  • "Either have a policy to require majority (50%) or super majority (75%) approval from the members or the admins so that transactions get processed."
"Upon creation clan gets a  lightning address with the provided username. If you know a clans username you can also deposit funds to it via its webpage (This also allows deposits via onchain transactions)."
  • "Clan admins are able to invite members (via their phone number or Machankura username) into a clan. These members then get the ability to see and participate in the clan (with it's balance and transaction history)."
  • "Coming soon: the ability to replace a member with a new member."
  • "Any member of the clan can propose Bitcoin be spent to either a phone number, a username, or a lightning address."
  • "Members also have the ability to propose the clan balance (in it's entirety or a portion) be distributed to all the members."
  • "This feature is still in beta. Please have fun exploring and let us know how we can improve it."

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