Lume v1.2.0-beta: New UI and Onboarding Process

Lume is a cross-platform nostr desktop client available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Lume v1.2.0-beta: New UI and Onboarding Process
  • "Yo, I've just released Lume v1.2.0 for Linux and macOS. You can try it out now. (Due to a Tauri v2 bug, I will release v1.2.0 for Windows later.)"
  • "Unfortunately, Lume is still very buggy, and I do not believe it is ready for daily use. Therefore, I have designated it as "beta," and I will not be adding any new features in the upcoming release (expected in 1-2 weeks)."
  • "Instead, I will focus on improving the current features and performance. My original plan for the next release was to include NIP-44 and Group Chat."
  • "This is a second major version after v1.0.0 - Snowden."

Disclaimer: Lume still in beta, you should not use real account.

What's new in v1.2.0

  • [UI] "Post" now is called "Postr"
  • [UI] New UI
  • [UI] New onboarding process
  • [UI] Show confirm popup when user click to "Repostr" button
  • [Feat] Add "more" button to note, user can open as new screen or copy shareable link (
  • [Feat] Add splash screen
  • [Feat] Relay discovery (part 3/3 of onboarding process)
  • [Feat] Replace user's follows widget to Network, it will show all postr from user's following and everyone they follow (max. 300)
  • [Feat] Save onboarding process state, if user close app, user can restart when reopen
  • [Feat] When user upload image in composer, also publish it as NIP-94
  • [Other] Rename Space's Block to Widget
  • [Other] Upgrade to Tauri v2
  • [Other] Fix some bugs

Future plans

"Regarding the future plans for Lume, I have a few things in mind, some of which are just ideas, while others I will be implementing," the developer said.

  • Multi-theme system: Users can choose and install themes created by the community. Theme authors can set their themes as either free or paid (with bitcoin).
  • Extension/Plugin/Mini app (I am not sure about the final name): Similar to the theme system, users can enhance and extend Lume's features by installing community "plugins." I have a few plugin examples in mind, such as adding SimpleX chat to Lume or adding AI features for auto-generating content.
  • Lume Relay: "The Lume app can also function as a Nostr relay, this is just an idea and I haven't given it much thought yet. However, I imagine that Lume could act as a relay and be added to a user's relay list metadata (NIP-65). When other Lume users (Nostr's users) want to obtain information from a previous user, they will first look into the user's relay."

"These are all the major plans I have for Lume. While there are still many other things that I have not described here, I will introduce them in the future."

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