LNDK: External Bolt 12 Support for LND

LNDK is an experimental standalone daemon that allows LND nodes to forward onion messages. It is built with LDK and aims to bring LND users Bolt 12 support.

LNDK: External Bolt 12 Support for LND
  • "LNDK is a standalone daemon that connects to LND (via its grpc API) that aims to implement bolt 12 functionality externally to LND."
  • "LNDK leverages the lightning development kit to provide functionality, acting as a thin "shim" between LND's APIs and LDK's lightning library."

Project Milestones:

- ✅ v0.1.0: Onion message forwarding for LND.
- ❌ v0.2.0: Payment to offers with blinded paths.

Please note that this project is still experimental but all contributions are welcome.

GitHub Repo