LNDg v1.7.0: Faster Dashboard Loads, Updated AutoFee Logic & More

LNDg is a lite GUI web interface to analyze lnd data and leverage the backend database for automation tools around rebalancing and other maintenance tasks.

LNDg v1.7.0: Faster Dashboard Loads, Updated AutoFee Logic & More
  • LNDg can be found directly on popular apps like Umbrel and Citadel with a 1-click install from the GUI.
  • IMPORTANT: Manual install users are recommended to update their pandas to the latest version to avoid potential conflicts.

What's new

  • Update dashboard page to utilize APIs and speed load times
  • Updated AutoFees logic to be simpler and more consistent (added AF-LowLiq and AF-Excess variables)
  • Added LND version on hover + node color indicator
  • Update iTarget without needing to hit enter
  • Update fee rate from dashboard
  • Added simple chart to P&L page
  • Legacy address generation option added
  • Broadcast any raw TX from the /balances page
  • View previously generated onchain address on the /addresses page
  • Fix issue with /opens page that caused failed payment data to be used
  • Added opened_in to the returned values of the channels api
  • Fixed an issue causing dark-mode to stop working after browser exit
  • Added peer ping times to /peers page
  • Added push_amt and close_address to channels data for any current or future channels
  • Added Channel Notes section to channel pages; free text that saves automatically
  • Load more button for forwards, rebalances, failed htlcs and peer events
  • Removed flickering effect of the dark-mode setting

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