LND v0.16.1-beta: Bug Fixes and Optimizations

The Lightning Network Daemon (LND) is a complete implementation of a Lightning Network node developed by Lightning Labs.

LND v0.16.1-beta: Bug Fixes and Optimizations
  • "This is a minor release that contains a number of important bug fixes and optimizations. One item worth noting is that the default CLTV delay has been increased to 80 blocks up from 40 blocks."
  • "This increase the CLTV delta value from ~7 hours to ~13 hours. This change makes our default time locks more conservative which can help to avoid unnecessary force closures due to persistent mempool backlog, or node downtime."

Alex Bosworth, Lightning Labs Head of Liquidity, said this about the release:

"Lots of important fixes in this, good one to get if you held off on 0.16.0, and a great improvement for the overall network is increasing the CLTV delta from 40 to 80, personally I'd go even higher but there are tradeoffs."

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