LNbits v0.12.2: Fixes & Improvements

LNbits is free and open-source Lightning wallet and accounts system that comes with a variety of handy plugins and integrations.

LNbits v0.12.2: Fixes & Improvements

What's new

  • fix: show installed extensions when manifest cannot be reached by @motorina0 in #2261
  • fix: correct invoice expiry for lndrest by @jackstar12 in #2271
  • refactor: generalize SSO auth by @motorina0 in #2263
  • Add Keycloak SSO by @motorina0 in #2272
  • feat: deprecate get_current_extension_name by @dni in #2280
  • refactor: remove SseListenerDict by @dni in #2279
  • fix: docker image invoice listener were not stopping by @dni in #2278
  • feat: add node url to api keys & docs by @dni in #2283
  • feat: unique invoice listeners for extensions by @dni in #2250
  • Updated new wallet warning modal text to clarify importance of backing up login creds by @blackcoffeexbt in #2273
  • fix: extension stop background work by @motorina0 in #2281
  • chore: update to 0.12.2 by @dni in #2282

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