LNbits v0.11.2: New Service Fee Settings

LNbits is free and open-source Lightning wallet and accounts system that comes with a variety of handy plugins and integrations.

LNbits v0.11.2: New Service Fee Settings

What's new

  • New service fee settings that lets you earn a transaction fee for all internal or external transaction on an LNbits instance. Set these environment variables in your .env file or use the Admin-UI to enable this feature:
    • LNBITS_SERVICE_FEE: The service fee in percent
    • LNBITS_SERVICE_FEE_WALLET: The wallet that fees go to
    • LNBITS_SERVICE_FEE_MAX: The maximum fee per transaction in satoshis
    • LNBITS_SERVICE_FEE_IGNORE_INTERNAL: Disable fees for internal transactions
  • lnbits-cli can now manage extensions
  • New funding source: Alby wallet
  • Node Management via .env file without Admin-UI
  • Core Lightning bug fixes
  • LND REST bug fixes
  • New Czech (cs), Slovak (sk) and Korean (kr) localizations
  • FakeWallet fix for providing Lightning preimages

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