LNbits v0.10.5 Released

LNbits is a free and open-source Lightning wallet and accounts system with variety of useful plugins and integrations.

LNbits v0.10.5 Released

What's Changed

  • remove python38 from pyproject.toml by @dni in #1632
  • remove boltz_client as dependency by @dni in #1610
  • FEAT: build static files with npm (sass, concat, minify), remove build step from python, include minified bundle files by @dni in #1601
  • Bump version to 0.10.5 by @dni in #1649
  • increment cache version for service-worker.js by @dni in #1644
  • generate .super_user file on startup if adminui is enabled by @dni in #1651
  • regression: fatfinger removed block styles by @dni in #1659
  • FEAT: introduce bundle_assets variable and decouple it from DEBUG by @dni in #1660
  • Fixes spark image on homepage by @arcbtc in #1670
  • removing type ignores from views/generic.py by @dni in #1648
  • Output json to payment websocket by @arcbtc in #1672
  • Update print.html by @talvasconcelos in #1678
  • FEAT: add lnbits version to frontend by @dni in #1677
  • FIX: #1661 by @dni in #1663

Full Changelog:

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