'LinkingLion' Update: LionLink Networks Denies Involvement, Connection Activity Drops

'LinkingLion', an entity that's presumably linking transactions to IP addresses and has been opening hundreds of connections per minute to 0xB10C's monitoring, as well as many other Bitcoin network nodes, reportedly reduced its activity following a statement by LionLink Networks.

'LinkingLion' Update: LionLink Networks Denies Involvement, Connection Activity Drops
  • LionLink Networks AS, who are announcing the IP addresses ranges used by the entity, issued an official statement on LinkingLion.net.
  • In the statement, the LionLink Networks AS denies any involvement with the LinkingLion entity other than announcing the IP addresses ranges.
  • "We have conducted a thorough investigation and make the following assertions:
    • Ownership of Cited IP Addresses: The IP addresses mentioned in the article are not owned or operated by LionLink. Our services include advertisement of certain external IP addresses and IP addresses of networks that use our network.
    • Limits of Responsibility: While we facilitate connectivity for our customers, we do not exercise direct control over their individual online activities. LionLink is not responsible for the actions of third parties advertised on our network.
    • Active Cooperation: Should relevant authorities present us with lawful requests concerning illicit activities originating from these IP addresses, we will fully cooperate with any court order. However, until such time as a lawful request is made, we respect the privacy and the autonomy of our clients."
  • "While LionLink does not monitor or inspect the content of our customers’ IP addresses, if law enforcement finds any customer using our services for illegal purposes, we will take appropriate action," added LionLink Networks.
"Coincidentally, I'm happy to report that since 2024-03-27 3pm UTC, the number of inbound connections from LinkingLion to my monitoring nodes dropped significantly. Switching to new IP address ranges? Turned off? Monitoring node IP addresses leaked? Don't know," stated 0xB10C on X.
  • "To clarify, I don’t think the LionLink Networks AS is the LinkingLion entity," clarified 0xB10C in a blog post update.
  • "There's work being done in Bitcoin Core by vasild and reviewers to broadcast transactions via short-lived Tor or I2P connections, when possible. This should help against entities like LinkingLion," added the developer.

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