$Prism: Lightning Prisms on Nostr Notes

$Prism allows Nostr accounts to split zap payments with multiple users.

$Prism: Lightning Prisms on Nostr Notes
  • "I’m excited to announce the launch of $prism," announced @bob.
  • "Lightning prisms without Nostr are hard to coordinate and execute. It requires figuring out each address, a way to coordinate payout amounts, and someone taking custody of the bitcoin for a period of time to manage payouts. So we’ve seen almost no one making prisms."
"Now with Nostr, they are incredibly easy. Want to create a prism on Nostr right now? Type $boost into the text of your next post on any client and we’ll make a prism with the first 10 people that repost it."
  • "We’ll post the prism on @PrismPosts and you can zap it with any client that supports zap splits like Snort.social or Amethyst."
  • "Want to limit your prism to a smaller group of people? Create a listr on listr.lol like #friends and type $boost #friends. We’ll only create a prism with users that boost your post and are on your #friends list."
"With NWC, payments all complete wallet to wallet, no intermediary necessary and we never touch your bitcoin. The possibilities are now endless for building new consumer experiences on top of Lightning and Bitcoin."
  • "We started $prism to push forward the bitcoin experience on Nostr. We’ll be launching more prism products over the coming days. Follow @$prism or go to https://makeprisms.com to learn more."
  • "A special thanks to @gudnuf who has been an early thought partner and the first contributor to $prism and @bitcoinplebdev who is our newest contributor."
  • "Let's say that I wanted to reward the people that followed me and also shared a note of mine. I would add the $boost tag to my note. Prism picks it up, and tracks who shared the note. Now let's say that my original note was Zapped 100,000 sats. I could then in turn Zap the Prism created note all 100,000 sats, to reward users for boosting my note. That's wild," said Derek Ross of Nostrplebs.com.
"This opens up a completely new advertising model for Zaps. The implications and use cases here are going to get really interesting," he added.

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