Liana v5.0: Coldcard & Experimental Taproot Support

Liana is a Bitcoin wallet that uses miniscript output descriptors, with extensive use of relative timelocks (OP_CSV). It features a timelocked recovery path for all your coins and can be used for inheritance, decaying multisigs and generally safer backups.

Liana v5.0: Coldcard & Experimental Taproot Support
  • "This release introduces support for the Coldcard signing device, experimental Taproot support and a number of user experience improvements."
  • "Download Liana v5 here. For questions or to contribute thoughts and feedback, join our Discord and Telegram groups."
  • "Try Liana. We have a guide on the Github to quickly try it out on Signet."

v5.0 highlights

  • Coldcard support. "You can already try Liana with your Coldcard by using the Edge firmware. Hopefully our release will help further test their Miniscript implementation to promote it to the stable firmware."
  • Experimental Taproot support. "It’s probably the most requested feature ever. Unfortunately not all signing devices we support have this feature yet. For now, only the Ledger supports Taproot-Miniscript in production with their latest version of the Bitcoin app."
    • "Coldcard has Taproot directly in their Miniscript implementation. Bitbox plans to add support whenever they manage to overcome an unrelated technical limitation. Specter has implemented the support but hasn’t released it yet."
  • Spend transaction creation UX improvements. "The automated coin selection now also considers unconfirmed coins. There is also a new “MAX” button next to each recipient when creating a Spend."

What's changed

Liana daemon / library

  • Experimental support for Taproot was added.
  • It's now possible to configure the connection to bitcoind using a user and a password in place of the cookie file. See the discussion at #356.
  • The getinfo result now contains the "descriptor's timestamp": that is the oldest date at which we scanned the blockchain for coins.
  • The createspend command now doesn't error anymore on insufficient funds, it instead returns the missing amount in its result.
  • The listspendtxs command now accepts a new optional parameter to filter the result by txids.
  • We now disallow rescanning from timestamps before the genesis block on test networks too.
  • A potential crash was fixed when an immature coinbase transaction contains an output which pays to our change address.
  • An off-by-one in address usage detection was fixed.

Liana GUI

  • Support for Coldcard was added. At the time of writin Miniscript support on the Coldcard is only available on the Edge firmware.
  • You can now choose to create a Taproot descriptor in the installer. See doc/ for details about the compatibility with hardware wallets.
  • When creating a Spend transaction using automated coin selection (the default), setting the amount for any recipient to "Max" to sweep all the funds from the wallet to this recipient, minus the amount set for any other recipients.
  • When creating a Spend transaction using manual coin selection, setting the amount of any of the recipient to "Max" will sweep all the selected coins (not all funds in the wallet) to this
    recipient, minus the amount set for other recipients.
  • The automated coin selection when creating a spend transaction now also considers unconfirmed coins.
  • When creating a Spend transaction, you can now change screen and come back to your draft. The state does not get cleared as soon as you leave the "Spend" menu anymore.
  • We now display warnings to the user when creating a Spend transaction. For instance when the change output's value was too small that we added it to fees.
  • RBF transaction now get automatically labeled.
  • Signing a transaction on a hardware device does not hide the transaction details anymore.
  • When broadcasting a transaction, the payments are now immediately available on the home page.
  • The QR code for deposit address is now shown in a pop-up, which makes it available for all new addresses a user may generate on the Deposit screen.
  • The address QR codes now also contain the derivation index in the URI.
  • We now display a warning if a user tries to RBF a transaction whose change output is being spent by a later transaction. A warning is also displayed when broadcasting a spend if any of the inputs are currently being spent by another transaction.
  • We now directly open the installer when starting Liana on a new datadir.
  • The "Backup Descriptor" step was dropped from the installer flow when recovering from a descriptor.
  • A new command line argument was added: --version.
  • It's now possible to use <Tab> to move between text inputs across the GUI.
  • We now use a user/password to connect to bitcoind in the installer, removing the potential for flakiness due to having to detect the .cookie file.
  • A crash was fixed in the installer when the user would change the network in step 1 after having started the managed bitcoind in step 4.
  • Errors when triggering a rescan are now correctly displayed.
  • In the installer, the details to connect to bitcoind in step 4 are now correctly updated when changing the network in step 1.
  • In the list of PSBTs, the labels are now correctly aligned.

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