Liana v3.0: BitBox02 Support, Labels & More

Liana is a simple Bitcoin wallet that features a timelocked recovery path for all your coins. Your coins are spendable as with a regular wallet but a secondary key becomes available after a configurable period of time should the primary one not be accessible anymore.

Liana v3.0: BitBox02 Support, Labels & More
  • "This release introduces support for the BitBox02 signing device, as well as the possibility to label payments, batches of payments, coins and addresses."

What's new

Breaking changes

  • Descriptors with duplicate signers within a single spending path are not supported anymore. Note re-using a signer across spending paths (for instance for a decaying multisig) is still supported, this only concerns pathological descriptor where the same signer would be repeated in the same path.


  • Two new optional parameters were introduced to the listcoins command to be able to filter coins by status (confirmed, spent, etc..) and outpoints (to query specific coins).
  • We updated the "quick try" guide to make use of the managed bitcoind. Trying out Liana on Signet is now easier than ever!


  • You can now use the BitBox02 signing device. The minimum supported version of the firmware is v9.15.0, so make sure to upgrade!
  • It's now possible to label coins and payments (that is, a transactions output). It's also possible to label batches of payments (that is, a transaction itself) and addresses.
  • The number of steps in the installer was reduced by dropping the final confirmation screen. The wallet will now start automatically after configuration, reducing the information load and number of clicks for the user.
  • All text inputs are now sanitized to remove whitespaces. No need to manually remove a trailing whitespace when importing a PSBT for instance!
  • Various loading screens at startup were updated to include more information.
  • The transaction fee rate is now displayed in addition to the absolute fee in the details.
  • The managed bitcoind version was bumped to 25.1 for new installations.


  • We fixed the minimum glibc version in the dependencies of the Debian package.
  • We could previously crash if we were started up against a bitcoind itself recovering from a previous crash and in the process of re-connecting the entire chain.
  • A few incorrect commands were corrected in the wallet recovery documentation.


  • Selecting a coinbase transaction won't make the GUI crash anymore.
  • At startup there could previously be a small lag before the home page gets updated with the list of payments and correct balance.
  • During installation, when using a managed bitcoind, the GUI could previously freeze after starting up bitcoind.

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