Legends of Lightning Vol. 2 Winners Announced

"After 9 weeks maker activity - we finally have crowned our Legend of Lightning!"

Legends of Lightning Vol. 2 Winners Announced
  • "Our mission was clear: onboard new makers into the ecosystem, innovate on bitcoin and lightning, and help new or existing projects incubate their ideas and turn dreams into a reality. With 237 makers and 69 projects entered, we believe we got pretty close," announced Dalia on bolt.fun.
  • "Stay tuned for the Award Ceremony later this week where we will hand out 4 more awards: P2P, BiFi, Education & Community and UX Award."

Winners and awards

  • Winner (1 BTC prize): Bitcoin Connect. "Users can bring their existing lightning wallet or node to your lightning-powered webapp without the requirement to install an extension or switch apps to make payments. This allows users to stay with their preferred browser on desktop and mobile. PWAs just work. The use cases for Bitcoin Connect are endless: Gaming, Value 4 Value based social media and entertainment, seamless paywalls for interacting with AI agents and other pay-per-interaction services and more."
  • Runner Up (0.5 BTC): USDp by 10101. "We're pioneering USD on Lightning (USDp), prioritizing user experience and embracing open-source values. Our aim is a self-custodial solution, enabling seamless USD transactions on Lightning rails."
  • Runner Up (0.5 BTC): Resolvr. "Resolvr is building Open Source Justice by empowering sovereign communities to peacefully and voluntarily resolve their own disputes with open-source tools."

Special mentions

  • Abbot. "A sophisticated, bitcoin-only, AI assistant, always eager to accept Bitcoin to answer questions and assist community organizers with leading their local bitcoin communities."
  • CASCDR + Data Buffets. "Our NIP-105 spec makes it easier to discover, consume and review L402 APIs. From proxied ChatGPT queries to access to raw YouTube files, Data Buffets provide buyers with the flexibility, privacy and composability they need to build amazing workflows. Data Buffets make the dream of the Machine Payable Web reality."
  • Kumuly Pocket. "Kumuly Pocket is the ultimate app for spending sats on great deals and for onboarding merchants to Bitcoin. With its integrated non-custodial Lightning wallet, carrying sats for your daily needs and treats has never been easier."
  • Minimaxis. "Minimaxis is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify Bitcoin Miniscript coding. It allows users to write, understand, and review Bitcoin smart contracts in plain English. With its Miniscript code visualizer, users can input code and generate a flowchart, enabling a step-by-step understanding of the code."
  • NostrAssets. "NostrAssets empowers the trustless future by uniting Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Taproot Assets, and Nostr on a single layer, facilitating their financialization. Scalable for billions, it fosters growth in the Bitcoin ecosystem."
  • PlebAI. " PlebAI distinguishes itself by offering AI agents tailored with unique skills, instructions, and knowledge designed to meet your specific demands. The process is seamless—no need to surrender your email or credit card information. Payments are a breeze with lightning-fast payment processing and the use of Nostr login."
  • SplitSats. "SplitSats is an open-source P2P financial coordination layer built on the social network Nostr. Managing group expenses and splitting bills in Bitcoin made easy. Connect your wallet for in-app transactions."

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