Ledger Recover Technical Whitepaper Released

Although a welcome move, the technical whitepaper has failed to alleviate the key concerns surrounding the upcoming recover service, whose source code is said to be released this summer.

Ledger Recover Technical Whitepaper Released
  • "Today, we are publishing the Ledger Recover White Paper, a key step in allowing anyone to audit the cryptographic protocols."
  • In this white paper, you will find thorough coverage of Ledger Recover’s system design, the cryptographic protocol design and security goals, as well as details on the three primary operational flows:

    - Backing up your Secret Recovery Phrase
    - Restoring it on a new Ledger device
    - Securely deleting your backups
  • "The main takeaway from the White Paper? Our upcoming service to be launched in Q4 2023, Ledger Recover, provided by Coincover, is 100% secure, and you can learn precisely how it works technically and examine the service yourself," said Ledger's CTO Charles Guillemet.
  • "We encourage developers, researchers, and crypto-enthusiasts alike to look into this White Paper and fully understand Ledger Recover’s secure mechanisms," added the CTO.
  • In addition to the technical whitepaper of the cryptographic protocol, the company promised to release the source code of Ledger Recover this summer.

Some users already shared their initial thoughts.

  • Seth For Privacy said "it confirms it's as bad as we thought, and still completely unverifiable in practice," and wrote a thread about it here.
"The bombshell here is the explicit confirmation that *Ledger themselves* hold the master decryption key for *all Ledger Recover users*. Your seed is encrypted using their key and not your own, so they always hold the ability to decrypt your seed from shards," he added.
  • "Ledger Recover sounds like a disaster for the AI deepfake era. From my reading of their white paper, all an attacker needs to do is (1) get a photo of your ID and (2) know what you look like. No other verification needed. What are they thinking?!" wrote Zach Herbert of Foundation Devices.

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