Concept for Migrating Compromised Nostr Keys lets you manage your Nostr identity migration using NIP-41. Concept for Migrating Compromised Nostr Keys
"What is NIP-41? A simple way to migrate from a compromised key into a new key while signaling to your followers what happened."
  • "It works by whitelisting your next npub ahead of time and timestamping it to something that can order events chronologically (i.e. the Bitcoin blockchain)."
"When a key is lost or compromised the new key can sign a migration event, timestamp it as well and then clients can choose to act on it."
  • "Here’s is a very rough video of a very rough tool to implement this whole flow."
  • "This is not the last word on key management; there is still a lot of work to be done, but this is a small step in the right direction that will allow us to migrate the existing nostr social graph to more cryptographically complex schemes for whoever wants to do that."

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